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app [21 Mar 2035|01:55pm]

Before you apply, please take a moment to read over our rules as there have been some changes and updates. Once you've done so, in order to apply we require a recent friends only post as well as a screened ooc contact post. Examples are required and we ask for at least one entry/narrative/etc. as well as one scene example at minimum. This can be PM’d or left in the dropbox, located here.

We reserve the right to reject any application and inquiries will not be answered in regards to such. If your application is missing anything, you will be notified.

note: Adds will generally be done within 72 hours of application but in the event of any significant delay, we will update here and notify you as well.

username (unlinked):
screened post link:
request: x

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screened post. #halloween'17 [20 Mar 2027|06:34pm]
</a>Read more... )
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new management! [10 Oct 2017|12:11pm]

while the previous mod(s) of [info]foodies decided to close the community down, a few of us who didn't want to see the community die approached the owner of the journal and asked if we could take it over. the goal is to revamp and refresh without losing the original idea.

while we are two new mods, we both were members of the community at one point and wish to see it thrive again. we have retained one of the previous mods to help out with coding and to help with running activities, but that will be the extent of their mod involvement per their request. we wish to remain anonymous and will retain the separation of who the mods are and who the characters we decide to play are. this was at the strong recommendation from a previous mod. any sort of community/mod issues should be brought to the dropbox post/pm'd moving forward.

because we are seeking to make this a fresh start, we are going to clear out any apps/comments/taken list/etc. if you were considered a member as of 10/5, you can reclaim your role without fear of challenge through friday, october 13th but you still must reapply. this also gives those who wish to bring in a new face the chance to do so. if you want to bring in a new face, pm us and as long as the face is not a current face being reclaimed, you will be accepted into the community.

we will be "re"-opening the doors on thursday, october 12th. there will likely be an update to the rules for activity but we are unsure what direction we want to go with at this time. please feel free to dropbox any suggestions you have! we are ready to revamp this place back to it's original fun state and we hope you decide to be a part of it!

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